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John Darling


Anticipating Sunrise

Aubrey is a beautiful, intelligent, young woman who operates a thriving fruit stand at a local Farmer’s Market while also running the family farm that was left to her after her parents were killed in an accident.  She also knows how to handle a man—any man. 

Jack is a ruggedly handsome intriguing man who talks in riddles when he is not being brutally honest about how he thinks and feels.  He is also a successful writer who doesn’t care about his fame. 

They are textbook opposites of each other who meet while discussing the price of blueberries.  Can these opposites attract and find love before the next sunrise?

This collection of stories includes “Anticipating Sunrise” and eleven more stories of love and romance that take you from the aisles of your local supermarket to the merciless shifting sands of time.

Go find your passion.