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For about seven years, I hosted a down and dirty writer's market listing site which was free to use.  It was a no-frills site with few graphics but at its peak, it had about 750 markets listed.  I snarkily called it The Ivory Tower since that is where editors sit in judgment of your work.  The site eventually grew too big for me to maintain properly with the time I had to deal with it, so I shut it down.  

Now that I am semi-retired, I decided to relaunch the site with a less snarky name since I don't really believe all that stuff about editors because I also used to be one.  Now I call my site, Author's Markets

Now it is much more professional looking yet it is still free to use.  

I add publication sites as I find them but I have no set schedule as to when I will post more links but I try to add something at least once a week.  

What is different about the Author's Market, besides it still being free to use with no registration required, is that the links take you directly to the publication's submission page so there is no need to search for it.

My contact information is on the site as well as information for anyone who might like to advertise on the site.  Advertising is not free, but for only $10 per year, it is pretty close.

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