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John Darling


Many years ago, Amazon created a GREAT site called Amazon Shorts, where short story authors like me could post stories for purchase by Amazon customers.  It was an outstanding idea not only for authors who only write short stories but for readers as well.  For a small price, they could create their own anthology of short stories.  Like many good ideas, though, Amazon shut the site down.  Most likely, they were not making enough money from the site.

When Amazon announced a new site called Kindle Vella, I checked it out.  It is similar to Amazon Shorts, except that the stories posted for sale are sold as serials.  Conceivably, you can post an entire novel or a never-ending story on the site.  It looked interesting, so I "serialized" three stories and posted them on the site. 

Follow the blue link to go to each story:

  • The Seven Karats is a fast-moving action crime story about 7 men who rob 7 jewelry stores in 1 night.
  • Without A Clue is a take on the classic board game, but in this story, you get to really know the characters.
  • Hairy Hero is a gentle futuristic story about a brave cat that saves a young female human from a horde of rats. 

You can read the first few sections of each story for FREE, then pay as you go if you would like to read the rest.