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Stage Directions - The Play

Many years ago, a poetry movement swept through my town.  It came on like a tornado and passed just as quickly, but for a moment in time, it seemed as if every coffee house and bar were having open mic poetry readings where anyone could get up and read their work no matter who they were or how bad their stuff was.  So, I saw my chance.  

I, and anyone who heard me, will tell you that I am not a poet and I know it, but I like to try new things so I wrote up some "stuff" and hit the circuit.  I guess some of it was well-received, mostly because I am an excellent public speaker who speaks with much confidence no matter what kind of drivel I am reading.  I tried all types of styles of poetry and prose, one of which was a piece called Stage Directions.  It was a 32 line conversation between a man and a woman who discuss the nature of God.  I don't remember if people liked it or not but I never threw the work away and a few years after the movement flamed out, I developed it into a one-act play that has since been produced in the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom.  The last production was part of the Celebwrite showcase at the Soho Theatre in London, England.

Now, after the play was listed on the Stage Plays website, I hope to have it produced more often, maybe even in a place where I could actually SEE the play.  

You can also just read the play, it is short and clearly written (or so I am told).  It only cost $7.99 to get a copy of your own.  Just click the image on the right to be redirected to the play's page.