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John Darling


Read some of my work online!

You can read or hear some of my work online at the following sites:

Mr. Raisin is a creative nonfiction work that tells a story about a teacher who was a great influence on me and how that influence came back to serve us both on one fateful day.

One Morning at the Grocery Store is a hard-hitting flash fiction story that addresses the pandemic, gun violence, and ageism in just over 1450 words.  WARNING: Contains adult language and violence.

The Right Note is a romance about two mature, successful people who meet and fall in love

Humane Society of Ventura County, my animal rescue article, is published in Honeyguide Literary Magazine

Buddy's Blanket is a short story based on a true event published in Honeyguide Literary Magazine

Up! is a short story in audiobook format which you can listen to and/or read on the Tall Tale TV website.

Peter The Paper Clip is a heartwarming short story that can be read on East of the Web

The Letter From Santa is a short story on Page & Spine Magazine Fiction Showcase website. 

Up! is a short story on the Teleport Magazine website

The Sirens Never Sleep is a poem on the Five-Two website 

The Earthling is a three-part prose play on AHA Poetry

I will post new events and publications here as they happen.  If you would like to be notified by email, Contact Me.