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John Darling


Read some of my work online!

You can read or hear some of my work online at the following sites:

Go Ask Alex is a "fun modern-day tribute to a literary classic" per the publisher.  It is only 630 words long.  

Peter The Paper Clip is a heartwarming short story that can be read on East of the Web

There's a Monster in the Bathroom!  is a short story about a man who goes to relieve himself and ends up fighting for his life!  To read the story, click on the Eclipsed book link above, then on the right side of that linked page, click the book cover as seen below. Then scroll down to the story.

The Letter From Santa is a short story on Page & Spine Magazine Fiction Showcase website. 

Up short story on the Teleport Magazine website

The Sirens Never Sleep poem on the Five-Two website 

The Professor of Peace article on Raving Dove

The Earthling a three-part prose play on AHA Poetry

I will post new events and publications here as they happen.  If you would like to be notified by email, just Contact Me.